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Hello California, It's time for us to act now and tell Republicans and Democrats that enough is enough with their stupidity and mismanagement, because it's all about our kids' future.

Republicans and Democrats are crooked, cunning, know how to scare American people, abuse and destroy peoples' lives. Republicans and Democrats have great only debt and disaster of not only people of California but America. If republicans and Democrats continue in power (government) America is not only going to be Third world poor, burden with debt means greatest borrower destroyed our kids future. We must work together and stop Republicans and Democrats. If America got screw you and me knew world will screw.

Please see LA mayor laid off 1000 people. What Democrat crooked corrupt management even though property value goes down but property tax go way high. CA sales tax go high and high in all utilities.

Fellow Californians please remember what kind of Democrat State Attorney General Jerry Brown is abusing his power
and sue the law firm which wants to reduce property tax in California for homeowners in California.

California's republic governor Arnold says we don't have Money. Wow what happened to hard working tax payers Money? But Democrat president just like Republican president and  Democrats house okay for $106 billion. For those amount may be by whole country. I thought California belonged to America. What a mismanagement of crooked and corrupt Republicans and Democrats. Oh may be don't know the math? and/or how many (zeros) in billions & trillions of hard working Tax payer's dollars.

Republic Governor Arnold the celebrity, the terminator who made California state's deficit 21 Billion Dollars in California and throughout America thanks to republicans.

Democrats only know how to destroy Americans like you and me. Like high taxes, more cuts in benefits, no teachers in
schools, pay cuts to citizens of California such as teachers, Nurses, firefighter and police. How can you say Republicans & Democrats really do care for citizens of California/America?  When legislators decline pay cuts for themselves only.
U.S stamp price high, transportation high thanks to stupid philosophy of Republican and Democrats. Microsoft can cut 5000 jobs but go out of California somewhere, but don't  think how the hell in world American people can afford every thing when there is no Income source. No money coming to people of California and/or America . But California doesn't think Republicans and Democrats are stupid and naive simply they just want to destroy us (American people and their kids) so they can stay in power. Very very cunning.

Republicans and Democrats make us blind by using slogans, What can you do for your country? But I Rakeshkumar
Christian with your help and support want to make it What your country can do for you? This is my (Rakeshkumar
Christian's motto and/or principle/aim. So California/and America can be the strongest nation in years to come. So please help me to create a new political party which will think about American people and think about American generations to come.

Thanks to Republican and Democratic government even courts of California don't care about state employees (people of California) court of California decide that state employees can be paid minimum wage. Wow welcome to Lala land take a shre baji and take a shre khja. I mean Republican and Democratic, court of California , and/or ACLU  don't care for
US (people of California and/or America). For all dirty devil things ACLU will be with you and me. But not for fair justice
for hard working humble citizen of California/America.

Means ACLU is corrupt just like the crooked, cunning and corrupt Republicans and Democrats who just want to destroy us. What freedom or what free dumb? So you can barred yourself and hate human life. What a high rate of joblessness? America the strongest nation in world. Republicans and Democrats only just simply destroy us. High taxes in all manner.
Republican terminator Arnold the celebrity , who thinks we (people of California /America ) are idiots only just like I remember Madonna's song like prayer, that if you drink whiskey people will tell you nice, if smoke and/or your hard tax payer dollars by using mota or weed you look cool. But not foll. Means California please wake up. Because we must think about tomorrow and the future of our country and the future of our kids.

Republic terminator Arnold the celebrity budget plan is a total disaster for the poor, young and the elderly. Also when I (Rakeshkumar Christian ) see the dirty smile of Democrats American President Obama when he (Obama) declared pay freezes through out America. I (Rakeshkumar Christian) can't wait to open my mouth for the people of California and also America. Please support me!

What kind of jobs are created by Republican and Democrats? Wiping ass & flipping burgers. Also loose your money gambling (casino). Then killed yourself. Why I (Rakeshkumar Christian) want to create a new political party name American Public Party. As human being we all can make mistakes. But to knowingly make mistakes for bad purposes. It's not acceptable in my eyes. Just like Republican president and Democrat president. Obama there is no real help for CA/ American people. If you do bad business practices like AIG, Bank of America, City Bank and City Financial you are blessed under Republican and Democrats. Like republic president asked for $87 billion on March 21, 2001 and wasted American tax payer dollars. More then trillions with t means 12 zeros after 1. Also got reward of filthy ugly, dirty shoes and reward you with a you are my bitch idiot necklace for stupid watchdog. Which same got it Democrat president
Obama. Because the world knew that Republican and Democrats are such idiots they can destroy American peoples only god given one time human life and also idiotic, crooked and corrupt  president who doesn't know nothing but how to destroy American peoples lives.

As worldwide news and people around the world know that idiot American Republican president wasted hard working tax payer dollars. Reward was only shoes and you stupid bitch necklace (like if you have dog and you put a collar on him) so it doesn't run away. But unfortunately same root, Democrat president Obama after got mine and your tax payer
hard working people of America to get stupid Bitch necklace to go around the world I don't know how much Obama's trip cost. What management? Please call your county and ask them how many brave American people die thanks to Republican and Democrats. Now i hope you get my points under neat Democrat and Republican how much sacrificed made by Americans.

Please change topic, now let's talk about unfortunate Human beings gay and lesbian. As a human being I really feel pity for them. As science and religion since the creator of the world whoever is perfect he/she don't do any mistakes. So I will invest the money to research even though after my (Christian 's) research of over twenty years I found it's only the man made mistakes. This is Only thanks to HBO and some alcoholic, liquor and their parents. Did wrong of nature. Please remember I am not god or messiah or.

God Messenger only things I (Rakeshkumar Christian) believe as husband means what like h-is stand /means:
  • H- Human life
  • U- Ultimate
  • S- Survive
  • B- Because
  • A- A
  • N- Natural god given gift
  • D- Dick
Also the meaning of Wife:
  • W- Wo-Man
  • I- Is
  • F- Fun or brings happiness in life
  • E- Every time.

So gay and lesbians need to check with Doctors and or psychiatric or church pastors/religious Mentors and sue HBO.
Don't be mad on Rakeshkumar Christian, but ask your conscious brain don't follow your heart.

California let me remind you that Republican and Democrats never have plans. Because they only to destroy and smash American people so they can abuse and stay in power. But I (Rakeshkumar Christian) have plans. How to bring California and America into the right direction by productivity, job security, create new jobs, how to invite new business and support them. Same as for hard working people of California, invest in inventions to improve the human life style, how to balance the budget without raising taxes, help for farmers of California, pay raise and or minimum wage
Cleanup corruption  from state, make California/USA independent not a borrower.

Plans for education, lower property tax so California please join me (Rakeshkumar Christian). Act now to save our school
teachers, nurses, hospitals , save our kids future and generations to come, pay raise, not pay freeze/pay cut job security for American people.

So economic can move strongly, it will be real not bogus or fake. California/America can go in right. Let's make together California golden State for real . East or west California/America Is best on planet earth. May god bless you and may god bless our state California and United States of America. Thank you for time and support!

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