American Public Party A New Foundation For Development & Progress - California/America.
Please, raise your voice for freedom, justice, and public safety for all. TRUTH ALWAYS WINS.
Hello folks (California/USA) I Rakeshkumar Christian believe that I need your help and support to neutralize our government to work for us, and Protect and Preserve America's wealth, culture, family values, American standards and maintain our kids futures. Because our Republican and Democratic party leaders are too busy with the partisan fight  and  dealing with lobbyists and creating party politics, they simply forget us and our kids futures, once they are elected. 

Please put your voice and my voice in action by elect your write in candidate Rakeshkumar Christian for governor 2014 of California for Rescue California/USA. ~ Your support will make difference ~ FPPC # 1346329


Please Join Rakeshkumar Christian To Bring California In Right Direction.

Let me tell you why first I (Rakeshkumar Christian ) decided to run for your governor of California the Golden State. With your help and support I want to create a new political party named American Public Party. To preserve family values and American wealth. (Please sign up). I (Rakeshkumar Christian ) do not like to criticize California's/America's Republican and Democratic party leaders but they are in busy with the business of war.

War meaning W-Wasting,   A-American's, R- Reserve, and also
Transferring American Wealth [Your and My Hard Tax-payer Dollar] to Overseas, and makes American People's (your) lives miserable and burdensome.

Rublican and Democratic party leaders are great politicians acting very naive even though in facts due to their mis-managements created several issues(problems).  So this is our moment/chance to tell them enough is

I Rakeshkumar Christian created a political party which  will work for our kids and our kids future. Because under my policy/plans how to solve
Problems/issues such as Agriculture, means more help  for our farmers of California/America.  Budget reform our kids/children/youths/teenagers future, Economy, Jobs, Education, Energy Independent, Environment, Health care, Immigration, Infrastructure, American Peoples Safety, Our Senior Citizens, Nurses, Doctors, State Employees, Police Officers, Teachers also Our Troops/Veterans, etc.

You name it, Republican and Democratic party leaders are supposed to focus on all above issues but unfortunately they are in business off of war and how to misguide American people so they can stay in power. Also it looks like they don't care for us.  I (Rakeshkumar Christian ) and my policy leaders and people of California/ America will work with Republican and Democratic party leaders to solve all problems/issues so the American peoples lifestyle and pleasure is a god given one. It's human life enjoy it don't hate it.

Also in fact Republican and Democratic leaders don't care about the problems/issues at home, but are very good at out of control spending, trillions of dollars of deficit, due to these kinds of deficits which will destroy our nation and our kids future and generations to come. Republican and Democratic party leaders are very good at how to scare American people and how to increase taxes in all manners as well as how to ignore all issues so they can stay in power. But they never realized that they are also citizens of America. Republican and Democratic leaders remind me of a story of a fool who was cutting the branch of tree which he was sitting on. What happened when branch of tree fell? He fell.  Means Republican and Democratic party leaders need to think about American people like you and I.

So California please join me and join the American Public Party who will think about our kids future and our state of California as well as the United States of America. Help get our state in going in the right direction and tell Democratic and Republican leaders enough is enough. Together we can make difference, let's put mine and your voice in action!

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